Dining in Vientiane

Whether you are looking to experience the local cuisine in Laos, or wish to eat food that is more familiar to you, you are in luck as Vientiane presents visitors with the best of the traditional Lao cuisine and a variety of authentic cuisines from around the world. Grand Hotel Vientiane has curated the following recommendations for you to help make your time in Vientiane a tasteful one :


Local Cuisine

The Laotian cuisine is influenced by Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese cooking. This is clear in its use of soy, Nampa (fish sauce) and Asian herbs like Asian basil, ginger and lemongrass. Laotians believe the spicier, the better. You will find very generous addition of chili in most of the local dishes and these dishes can pack quite the punch! You are bound to find some of the best local cuisine as you stroll along the streets of Vientiane. If spicy food is not your thing, simply say “Baw pet (no chili)” when you place your order. Be sure to try these mouth-watering dishes:



Tam Mak Hoong is a spicy green papaya salad made with shredded papaya mixed in hot chili, fish sauce, garlic, peanuts and sour lime.


Laap is a meat salad, often made with chicken, fish, beef, pork, pork or even mushrooms. The meat is minced and tossed in fish sauce, fresh herbs and lime juice. Laap is usually served with raw vegetables and the staple sticky rice.


The Khao Jee Sandwich can be found at almost every street corner in Vientiane. A subtle French influence can be sensed in this sandwich by the use of the baguette. The baguette is cut in half and filled with lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, onion, cheese, pork, chopped ham and is topped with chili sauce.



Sindat is the Lao name for the traditional Lao barbeque which includes a round metal dish as the cooking platform where you can cook meat like chicken or pork in a broth with vegetables.



Restaurants like Kualao, Kung’s Café, Sindad Poisein and Kong View offer the local cuisine with a flair, and are especially great as they offer great views of the Mekong river along with charming ambiance at reasonable prices.




Authentic International Cuisine


In Vientiane, travelers are spoilt for choice. If you have a craving for any international cuisine, name it (rather, google it!) and you will find exactly what you want. Here are a couple of dishes and restaurants we at Grand Hotel Vientiane think you should try:

The Butter Chicken or Butter Paneer at Delhi Durbar is a favorite for anyone looking for authentic Indian cuisines. The curries and sauces are delicious blends of Indian spices and the kebabs are mouth-watering.





Soul Kitchen is a quant little place where you will find the best pizzas in town with the typical Italian thin-crust (We recommend the Quattro Fromaggi). The pastas and the salads are also favorites.



Ray’s Grille is known to offer the best burgers and Mexican food in the country. The cheeseburgers are simple and traditional and you will find the best Philly cheese steak at Ray’s.



Don’t miss the local and continental cuisine at City Inn Vientiane’s very own Sabai Café. We recommend the Chicken Cordon Bleu or the Chicken Kiev with a cold beer to beat the Lao heat.



All the restaurants listed above are in the city center or close to Grand Hotel Vientiane. Should you have any questions about places to dine in Vientiane or how to get around, do not hesitate to ask the help desk for assistance.

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