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hotel in vientianeFinest Vientiane hotels in the heart of Vientiane Capital City. Whether you have chosen to organize a trade show, a conference or a seminar, the Grand Hotel in Vientiane is one of the privileged places in the city of Vientiane, Laos. Our dedicated and experienced staff will make sure all the essentials for a successful event are handled with attention to every little detail, allowing you to concentrate on your event itself.

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  • Phongsinuan Village, Vientiane, Lao PDR, 3381, Laos
  • Free Parking
  • Phone: +85621410275
  • Phone: +85621410276

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Our wide range of facilities and warm hospitality are designed to meet the needs of travelers. Not only-but, in fact Grand Hotel Vientiane puts you instantly at ease and a homely environment. As a result, The seamless signature Grand Hotel Vientiane Service guarantees you a pleasant and comfortable stay. At the Grand, every guest will enjoy a well-appointed room or a luxurious suite with plenty of room to live, work or just to relax.

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Finest Vientiane hotels in the heart of Vientiane Capital City.